The Starting Line 1 – Airlie Beach, Australia

And we’re off… – Abell Point Marina, Australia

17th January 2016 Comments (0) Clipper, Home Page

The Starting Line 2 – Airlie Beach, Australia

I got a bit distracted yesterday and had to cut the diary entry short, so filling in again now.

Today was the first time everything felt very real. With so many crew all around today, team briefings and meetings going on… it’s a strange sensation but you can actually taste it in the air, the fact that the off is imminent, which is quite unusual.

I definitely have many and mixed emotions. Particularly after ringing home, spoke to Mam, May, Gill 2016-01-10 18.24.28and it’s all a bit… ‘Jesus, I’m going to be gone out to sea for a month, which doesn’t sound like much but when you allow yourself think about the enormity of it all it’s a pretty big deal. I’m anxious. I wouldn’t say nervous but definitely anxious, don’t really knowing what to expect other than this is going to be really tough. But, this is why I signed up… And let’s be honest, when you’re asking for sponsorship and donations everyone needs to know they are getting a pound of flesh for their support!!!

The enormity of this is not lost on me and although anxious I know we will all look after each other. Shit can go wrong and does go wrong so all we can hope for is safe sailing and that we all get there in one piece with minimal problem or injury. Ah sure we’ll be grand! Live to tell a great tale on the other side.

So that’s it for now, just a little addition to yesterday’s Airlie Beach ongoings.

Please don’t forget to support CATS Foundation and/or NMO UK, who I am raising funds for as part of my Clipper Round the World Race.

JC signing off.


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