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27th November 2015 Comments (1) Clipper, Home Page

Smack’s Facts – Turtle Blood

So you may be wondering what this post is all about, well on a recent night out and after copious amounts of (non) alcoholic drinks, ahem! I was telling a friend about the many sailing hints, tips and survival techniques which I have learned during training in preparation for my trip. One survival tip in particular caught my friends attention and a suggestion was made that I should post these potentially useful pieces of information for people to use or at the very least be amused! Stay tuned for more Smack Facts.


Did you know – Blood from turtles and birds has proven to be a reliable source of hydration for centuries by adrift sailors suffering from dehydration. Fish blood, on the other hand, shouldn’t be consumed, says Dr. Daniel Carlin of WorldClinic in Boston, a medical service for sailors and adventure travelers. Others have had success eating fish eyeballs and drinking cerebrospinal fluid, as Steve Callahan did on his 76-day ordeal in a raft, described in his book Adrift.

Fish blood is too osmotically heavy, too concentrated in salts and proteins, to be a source of hydration

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    Want to follow your journey John , Mam X

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