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27th November 2015 Comments (0) Clipper, Home Page

New Home From Home On The Open Ocean!


So having performed all of my training aboard Clipper 68 race yachts I will have the unrivaled pleasure of racing aboard the new bigger, lighter, faster Clipper 70 model come Jan 15th, here are some details and images of my new home from home.

The third generation of one-design Clipper Race yachts debuted in the Clipper 2013-14 Race, proving to be faster and more dynamic than previous Clipper Race yachts, breaking speed records of 35 knots [OneDLL, leg 6]. The twelve 70-foot yachts make up the world’s largest matched fleet of ocean racing yachts. Designed by renowned naval architect Tony Castro, they are the shining jewel in the Clipper Race crown, perfectly adapted to this gruelling sailing challenge.

As with all lean, mean ocean racing yachts, the Clipper 70s are not for the faint hearted. They are by design stripped of all luxuries. Crew must become experts at living in a confined space, managing all their kit and belongings as they settle into their new home. The Clipper 70s feature twin helms, twin rudders and a six-foot bowsprit, which allows the inclusion of three large asymmetric spinnakers and a suite of Yankee headsails, which combine to increase performance and boat speed. The new hull design produces better performance and control, especially in the light winds encountered near the Equator or between weather systems when crossing oceans. The design provides total control in the heaviest of conditions, ensuring not only high speeds, but safety too.

Today’s fleet is in stark comparison to the one which began the very first Clipper Round the World Yacht Race in 1996. Development ideas have been taken from both previous yacht designs: the Clipper 60s and Clipper 68s.

(images and text borrowed from Clipper Round The World website)



below decks Below decks cut away, not much room down there eh?


lounge 01Lounge area i.e. where we eat our breakfast lunch and dinner unless the sun is shining on deck!


galley 01The galley with its pivoting oven/hob. Believe me, the counter top needs those rails to stop stuff ending up on the floor!


bunks 01Luxury pivoting bunks, to stop sleeping beauties ending up on the floor!


heads 01

That black handle is a hand pump, no such thing as an automatic flush on a race yacht, everything requires man power and elbow grease, hence the 5000 cals burned every day!



















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